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Created17.01.2017 09:13

Ben Oleary (Unknown) 17.01.2017 09:14

I'm trying to move a navmesh in a map. I have followed the tutorial to a tee but getting this message when trying to recreate. I dont get a new moved navmesh and I think the error is causing the issue. Any ideas on a fix please? On a 16x map FS17

Building navigation mesh ...
Cell size: 0.300000 Cell height: 0.200000 Slope angle: 45.000000 Agent radius: 1.200000 Agent height:2.000000
Input: 19192 triangles 19408 vertices
Bounds: -3496.000000,91.560310,-98.000000 to 4064.000000,91.560310,4094.000000
Grid: 25200 x 13973 = 352119600 cells
Error: buildNavigation, could not create solid heightfield.
done in 214.205399 ms

Reynard Brooks (Unknown) 26.03.2017 18:12
I am also having an issue with nav mesh for my cows its there but the cows do not spawn in.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.03.2017 07:04

please try to create a very simple nav mesh first (just a few square meters big and on an even level).
If that works, try to create a more complex one.
This way, you'll find out why the nav mesh could not be created.


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