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dirt area animal??

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Created01.02.2017 18:33

Regis Bily (dragon500) 01.02.2017 18:35
I have a problem with the area of soiling of the cows it is much bigger than the base yet my zone is well delineate with the dirt zone someone has had the problem and has a solution. Thank you

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 02.02.2017 08:59
Yes, this is a pain.
The solution is to rotate it to 0/90 degrees. If the dirt area is rotated away from 0/90, for some reason it goes wildly out of shape/size.

But I did not want to rotate my entire cow shed and feeding areas as I had spent ages arranging them, so instead I just rotated the dirt area so that it's measurements worked properly and I made it much smaller. Then I duplicated it a couple of times, so I now have three diamond shaped dirt areas alongside my trough. Hope that makes sense.

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