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Game crashes while buying a mod

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Created04.02.2017 11:02

Matteo Cento (Matteo135) 04.02.2017 11:06
I'm trying to convert a mod from fs 15 to fs 17 but when i'm going to buy it the game crashes "giants engine 7.0.0 has stopped working" no errors on log. any idea? thanks

Adam Hissett (SavageMkII) 09.02.2017 17:24
Sounds like the mod is trying to use an old, incompatible script. Try removing all extra scripts and use a default vehicleType.

Matteo Cento (Matteo135) 10.02.2017 07:48
I solved,it was an issue with wrong sound file format, fs 17 does not like .ogg audio files.

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