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looping particle animation for Harvester

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Created08.02.2017 22:22

David Nestler (DaNe_Gi_Fs) 08.02.2017 22:29
Hello guy's,

is there a possibility to make the "chopperEffect" from a harvester moving from side to side in a looping animation?
I try to make the Chopper effect for my Mod moving in a loop from -15 to 15 degree while in harvesting mode.
I look'd into the Ingame Barrel Garant VE8000, which has a moving part at the end, which is spraying. And like that i wish to have the chopper effect movin on my harvester mod.
So far i can't get it to work.
Can someone help me out on this?

Thx verry much

Fabio Dell'orto (Dello) 09.02.2017 07:01
In FS15 a script called threshinganimation.lua made it possible. Now I saw something similar into the John Deere T670i mod, a script called workanimation.lua (I don't remember if name is correct) that makes animation to the straw shakers I think. I had no time to prove that.

The old threshing animation.lua wa so simply to add to the xml and worked perfectly, it will be useful to convert it to FS17.

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