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Created24.02.2017 09:22

Frenk Klec (frenk100) 24.02.2017 09:23
Здравствуйте. Простите за перевод, перевожу гуглом. Скажите пожалуйста как вернуть в Farming simulator 17 вот этот скрипт: SiloAmountMover.onCreate
И еще вопрос как заставить работать конвеер погрузки из farming simulator 15 в farming simulator 17

Hello. Sorry for the translation, I translate Google. Please tell me how to get in Farming simulator 17 Here is the script: SiloAmountMover.onCreate
And still a question how to make the work load of the conveyor 15 in the farming simulator farming simulator 17

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 09.03.2017 02:26
Are you talking about a digital readout of product or are you trying to use conveyors like we're used with potatoes in fs15. Like the siloband?

Frenk Klec (frenk100) 22.03.2017 16:32
Здравствуйте. Хочу использовать конвейеры как в FS 15. Siloband.

Hello. I want to use conveyors in FS 15. Siloband.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 23.03.2017 14:55
I think I found what ur looking for. I'm not on my pc or I'd send you what i exported. The name of the script is lager.lua. A map called Kyffhäuser has storage bunkers I think you're looking for. The transforms were a mess I had to rebuild the layout because the buildings and parts at some time were translate frozen I believe. If you are familiar with fabrik the layout is very similar.

Frenk Klec (frenk100) 23.03.2017 15:43
Hello. Thank you very much for your answer. I will try the Kyffhäuser card.

Здравствуйте. Большое спасибо за ответ. Буду пробовать карту Kyffhäuser.

Vitalii Zam (Unknown) 01.04.2017 10:16
Помогите пожалуйста сделать чтобы цеплялись прицепы после конвертации с fs15 в fs17

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