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Created05.03.2017 10:37

Bat Niksarko (niksarko2012) 05.03.2017 10:38
Hi all ,
Can we remove missions for certain fields? But I would like to keep the corner for the purchase of the fields! Is it possible ?

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 06.03.2017 06:45
Yes. One second I'll find the attribute needed
Couldn't find my notes but found it in another subject on forum.

In field definition

Mission is disabled

Bat Niksarko (niksarko2012) 06.03.2017 11:14
Haaa yes ! thanks a lot for your help ;)

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 07.03.2017 03:16
Awesome. Glad I could pass along the info

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