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How do I remove the driver?

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Created11.03.2017 06:36

Christopher M Jones (Unknown) 11.03.2017 06:47
I am converting a FS15 mod to FS 17 using the Giants converter. There are 2 problems I have that I have not been able to figure out yet. I am making two threads for these problems.

Problem 1: There is a model of a person in the vehicle, when the driver is added he is sitting on the lap of the model of the person. I need to be able to remove the person, but the model does not show when editing. I found the skins that are for the model and removed them, but that just made the model appear silver it did not remove it.

A link to a picture of the problem copy and paste into browser...

The mod I am trying to convert is the Dukes of Hazard Wolf Mod. My son is a huge fan of DofH and really wants this car in FS17. I am trying o convert it for him.

George Aurel (Unknown) 11.03.2017 07:46
<characterNode index="0>4|12|0" cameraMinDistance="1.5" filename="$dataS2/character/player/player.xml" spineRotation=""/>


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