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Created11.03.2017 16:56

Pitair1 Z (Unknown) 11.03.2017 17:01
Hello Mods Experts,
I have a big request. Im owner of PS4 and i love farming. Can You transfer some mods from pc versions like bigger water tank 30.000l or useful buildings like food mixer or fermenter?
I know, i know i should buy pc, but all PS4 community lould be gratefull for thease mods. I know that its not easy to create mods like that so I ask experts, mods creators and fans.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.03.2017 16:39

some mods can't be ported to PS4 because the mod uses a custom script.
Mods for PS4 and XB1 are not allowed to have custom scripts.

Anyway, the best idea might be trying to get into contact with the author of the mod.


Goran Šmic (Unknown) 09.05.2017 19:44
God day. I would like to give a suggestion to put the Fendt 800 Favorit for ps4. I think it's up to you to be in the game. is a beautiful design and a lot of people are still using it and its 230 hp is very mobile. I also think he likes other players as well. Thanks and write comments.

Daniel Mcgriff (Unknown) 10.05.2017 22:32
How can i make for the ps4 and xbox 1. Or is there a way to get the mod for paving roads adapted to the console version

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