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Lua Call Stack error

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Created12.03.2017 17:46

Arie Steenbergen (maxtor1965) 12.03.2017 17:47
Get this error in logfile:

LUA call stack:
dataS/scripts/triggers/TipTrigger.lua (284) : getChildAt
dataS/scripts/triggers/TipTrigger.lua (29) : load
Error: getChildAt index out of range.

How can I fix this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.03.2017 16:55

seems like a tipTrigger is missing its childs nodes which define the "tip area".
(These nodes are the first and second child of the node which has the user attribute "TipTrigger.onCreate")


Arie Steenbergen (maxtor1965) 14.03.2017 14:17
Thanks Emil, I will check all triggers to see if the nodes are placed.
Appriciate your comment and help.


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