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Straw Swath problem with 16X map

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Created15.03.2017 23:26

Ades Sadaert (Drandrad) 15.03.2017 23:28
Hi developers

I have problems on my 16x map with straw swath and it's the only problem i have

this happening
and this also straw is soo wide and flat i dont know where problem can be also it's not at the middle of combine when drops straw it's always too much left or right

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.03.2017 06:54

the second image doesn't look too bad to me.
Due to the resolution of the 'terrain files' it might happen that the swath is not placed perfectly in the center of the combine.

Anyway, if it got worse compared to the original map, you can improve something.
Not sure if you already did it, but you need to increase the size of the 'image file' that is used for the swath (tip Any) layer.
<DetailLayer name="terrainDetailHeight" .... />

I guess you also increased the heightmap and the .grle files
So just do the same with image used by the 'terrainDetailHeight' layer


Ades Sadaert (Drandrad) 16.03.2017 15:35
Thank you Emil so much for reply

Well i dont understand terraindetailheight part

This is what i resized

Fruit_density 16384x16384
TerrainDetailHeight 16384x16384
Map01_dem 4097x4097
InfoLayer 16384x16384
TipColInfoLayer is 16384x16384
and other weights for grass....4096
I noticed that if i reduce fruit_density the headers of and 7.6m is cutting 10m
also this image can explain i hope. Taking any of directions it will cut 2m front then do some left then again it looks soo crooked i used original combine MF from game

If you have some time to explain me what i should increase more or reduce i would be thankful
Thank you anyway for you time

Ades Sadaert (Drandrad) 16.03.2017 19:57

Hi to developers i would like to inform that i solved swath problem

The problem was in layers

so what i did to fix this

Well layers should be same as fruit density for example mine was 16384x16384

But where the problem occurs well problem was that your TerrainDetailHeight_density.gdm infoLayer.grle and tipColInfoLayer.grle should be same resolution as the fruit_density that fixed my problem with 16x map also take care about map01_dem if you want 16x map you should add 1 more pixel at the resolution so not 4096x4096 but 4097x4097

Thanks to Developers

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