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Error placing ‘fillAutoAimTargetNode’ – Hired worker won’t move

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Created23.03.2017 09:57

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 23.03.2017 09:57

What should I consider when placing ‘fillAutoAimTargetNode’ in a trailer?

Tried placing it slightly above the shape for the fill volume. Have also adjusted the Z-data in the XML file to fit the trailer.

Hired worker in Forage Harvester starts filling the trailer. But after a few in-game meters it stops.

So I lowered the ‘fillAutoAimTargetNode’ slightly. This worked much better. Not perfect, but better.

So… What do I need to think of when placing the Auto Aim Target?

- Does it have to correspond to collision shapes, like the collisions for the trailer itself, and the Exact Fill Root Node?
- Does its placement relative to the fill volume shape matter?
- What about the fill volume height nodes? Do they matter?

Thanks :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2017 12:22

the pipe is aligned to the 'fillAutoAimTargetNode'.
But the pipes raycast must hit the "exactFillRootNode" of the trailer.

So, collision shapes can be ignored, except they block the raycast.
The fillVolume and its height nodes do not matter.


Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 23.03.2017 14:08
Thanks Emil. It all makes much more sense now :)

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