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Created29.03.2017 13:43

Lennart Leienbach (Lenniitsch) 29.03.2017 13:53
Hey guys,

i wondered what level of compression LS17/the dedicated Server Software supports.
When I'm use the standard WinRAR Zip compression (method: best, dictionary-size: 32kB) everything works fine.
If I start to use a better compression with 7zip the server tells me the file is not supported.

Here's a screenshot of the different settings:

I ask because with better compression I obviously don't have to upload tons of data every time.

For example, the size of my Map:

Not zipped: 926MB
WinRAR: 538MB (supported by FS17)
7Zip: 484Mb (not supported by FS17)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2017 06:35

would have to check in detail what compression methods are supported.

But, a higher compression rate would mean longer loading times on start of the server/game.
So, it's all about tradeoffs - as usual ;)


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