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Fs17 Gaint Editor Lights Copy Paste 24h light´s on

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Created30.03.2017 15:33

Daniel Böhm (Unknown) 30.03.2017 15:40

i try to add more lights at my custom map. The default map lights from sosnovka works perfectly! I start copy and paste one of the default smlLamp. If i log in at my custom game. I could see the lamp, but its always shining. The original map lamps start shining on something like 21:00. How can i set the option for all additionally integrated lamps?

Thx for Help!

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 31.03.2017 17:02
Check your transforms. Go to the exact place you copied them from and look how the transform groups are laid out. It's been a while but from what I remember there are different groups for the decorative, beams, and a location for an oncreate as well. In FS17 some situations call for exact spelling and order in a transform group. If I was in front of my pc I'd give u an exact example but just like any other map editing problem just go back to a known working object and go through each individual transform. Its always a small step missed that can make you pull your hair out. I'm trying to remember but the actual visible light fixtures may actually be in a separate section (example part of a building visual).

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