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fs17 animals new Cleaning zone ?

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Created02.04.2017 17:27

Lakatos Tamas (Bojtar) 02.04.2017 17:32
New animals zone ,no cleaning zone. Animals 100% cleannes. Problems ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.04.2017 06:52

please make sure that the 'dirtArea' is not overlapping with any 'tipCol area'.

'tipCol area' (or rather tipCol layer) is used to disable the 'tip anywhere' feature in certain areas.
e.g. it is not possible to tip into a husbandry, because the are aof the husbandry is masked with the tipCol layer.

To see the tipCol layer ...
first open the the terrain editing window:
-> menu -> window -> terrain editing

Then in the terrain editing window select the correct layer
-> Info Layer Painting -> set 'Info Layer' to 'tipCol'

Now activate the 'terrain info layer paint mode' in the main menu bar (that icon with the blue brush) and you'll see highlighted areas.
In theses areas it is not possible to use the 'tip anywhere' feature.

And the dirtArea is filled by using the 'tip anywhere feature'

Hope that information helps.


Lakatos Tamas (Bojtar) 06.04.2017 13:59
Delete 'tipCol'
Still not working 'dirtArea" no 'tip anywhere' feature.
Problems ?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.04.2017 06:59

did you run the command to create actual tipCollision map?
The layer in the map i snot directly applied to that map.

-> Menu -> Scripts -> Map -> Create Ground Collision Map

Always start a new savegame when testing.


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