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Recover mesh from .shapes

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Created05.04.2017 14:19

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 05.04.2017 14:27

I'm converting a map from '13 to 17, and stucked a bit.
There is an extra foliagelayer added to 13 map, called "rocks". Small, tiny rock pieces placable via Foliage Paint mode. In the i3d, that foliage have blockShapeID=14.

Searched through the whole i3d, but can't find another object/mesh with same shapeId (which can be exported). Is there any way to extract the "original" mesh from that map?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.04.2017 16:17

there is way to get the mesh which is used in that layer.

Open the .i3d file of the map with a texteditor.
On the very bottom of the scenegraph elements place a new <shape .... /> entry.
Set the shapeId of that new entry to the shapeId which is used in the foliage.
Also take care of the materialId
Save that.
Open the map with the GIANTS Editor and export that object, if everything worked fine.
Rest should be clear, I guess.


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 05.04.2017 17:19
Worked like charm ;)

Thanks for the fast answer!

Best regards,

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 21.11.2017 23:21
Also worked well.

Thank you Emil, you do a very good job.


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