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setting the start money for a map

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Created11.04.2017 23:37

Herman Van Den Berg (sherman1987) 11.04.2017 23:42

I have started to build a map.
I wanted to have the map start out with 150.000 euro and less equipment.
I found that there is a vehicle.XML where I can set the initial starting equipment.
What I could not find is a .XML line where I can set the starting money.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me and did I just miss the .xml line or is there no .XML way to set the starting money to 150.000 euro.

I hope you could provide me with an answer to this question.

best regards,


Albert Sanchez (MicroDefender) 12.04.2017 03:10
If you head on over to this site, you will find an xml for starting vehicles, money etc. You will need to register in order to see the xml. it will be in the lexicon tab under snippetets. Its called ModMap Lua.

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