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How to create a new earth animation in the plow?

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Created14.04.2017 18:55

Grzegorz V (vnsfdg21) 14.04.2017 19:06
How are [ground particle animations] created?

I wrote in (.obj) earth animation from the plow [lemken Titan 11]. I moved to Blender to match [ground Particle Animation] to my plow. Then I exported to i3d and all the settings from the animation of the substrate with [lemken Titan 11] I moved to my base animation. Dodge the ruler in the xml plow.
In this game, the animation of the ground does not seem to behave like the original animation of the ground (animation effect in the picture).

P.S. Especially for the tests, the animation was put on the top of the pale

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.04.2017 07:20

make sure that the object has a valid shader.

You can check that in the GIANTS Editor via the "material editing panel".
If there is no shader at all - it can't work.

I'm not sure if Blender exports the material attributes correctly.
But you can also set the shader by opening the i3d file with a texteditor and adjusting the material properties.


Grzegorz V (vnsfdg21) 18.04.2017 14:03
Thanks for the answer

Model of earth animation was exported from maya to i3d (Colleague helped)

Error with missing textures was overridden, now anomaly appeared in the Earth Animation mesh. In the original machines you can see the whole animation, my plow animation too much to stretch or only see the tip.

You know the solution to this problem. Maybe there is some tutorial on how to make such an animation

Grzegorz V (vnsfdg21) 18.04.2017 15:57
Ok problem solved

It was enough to leave DephNode on Z axis and UV map earth moves to the left.

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