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Created22.04.2017 07:20

Reynard Brooks (Unknown) 22.04.2017 07:23

I have created a mod map, however my pigs and cow straw planes in the editor are below the map. However when I start the game they all spawn in in the air the cows one is so high up you cant even see it.

Please help.

Steve Lecklider (Unknown) 23.04.2017 03:14
Check under animals pigsHusbandry ( be sure your user attributes are open) look for strawPlaneMinMaxY there is two numbers there which correlate to how high in the air the plain can go. so set the plain just under the ground copy the Y index in attributes and thats your first index. Move the plain up to where you want it to raise to and copy your Y in attributes and paste in after the other numbeer be sure to use a space between the numbers that should fix it .

Reynard Brooks (Unknown) 23.04.2017 12:04

Thank you Solaris74 will adjust the planes accordingly.


Reynard Brooks (Unknown) 23.04.2017 12:14

all fine


Steve Lecklider (Unknown) 25.04.2017 05:14
good to hear my friend =)

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