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fronthyraulic TopArm are visible at gamestart

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Created27.04.2017 07:56

Mario Kreter (Kreters_Island) 27.04.2017 08:02
Hello together,

i have a Little Problem with the TopArm of my fronthydraulic.. At the Rearhydraulic, the TopArm isn't visible after buying the Traktor. The TopArm of the Fronthydraulic is it. After i attach an implement to the fronthydraulik and detach it, the TopArm of the Fronthydraulik isn't visible.
I would that the TopArm of the Fronthydraulic is not visible if no implement is attached to the Fronthydraulic and this also after buying the tractor.

Can someone help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.04.2017 06:54

in the line of the topArm in your vehicle.xml file you can set the attribute "toggleVisibility".
<topArm filename="..." baseNode="..." ... toggleVisibility="true" />
Set that to true and the topArm should not be visible after buying the tractor.


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