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What DDS version should foliage files be?

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Created28.04.2017 13:00

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 28.04.2017 13:02
I want to edit some foliage layers, but I simply cannot get it to save properly. No matter what version of DDS I select in nVidia's DDS tool, the file doesn't look like it should anymore. What version of DDS should be used to get the desired results?

Robert L (Spartan086) 28.04.2017 15:40
In what way does it not "look like it should"? does it "fade out"? become more and more transparent so you see the dirt/earth clearly before it switches to the distance map?

If this is the case you need to sharpen the mipmaps. What program do you use? WHat do you do with the textures? Just change the hue/brightness/contrasts etc. ? If yes; the files already have good mipmaps so if the program you use supports loading an image "with mipmaps" you should try that and then save "with existing mipmaps" to preserve the details.

If you on the other hand is using a completely new texture where the alpha channel and mipmaps obviously would not match you need to generate them and then possibly re-open the image, sharpen the alpha layers of the mipmaps and save it again with the new mipmaps.

Anyway... the default settings should be DXT5 (8bits for each channel; r,g,b,a, also sometimes reffered to as "interpolated alpha") and a total of 5 mipmap levels. But that won't help you if the program you use generate too blurry mipmaps for the alpha channels.

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 28.04.2017 18:41
In most filetypes, the transparency gets lost, even in the versions that include the alpha layer. In DXT 5 (or 3, could be mistaken), the alpha's resolution seems to be reduced greatly, thus loosing a lot of detail.

I use Photoshop CS5 to change some values on an existing texture. I'll see what the mipmaps will do, since I haven't messed around with them, since I'm unsure what they actually do.

- Edit
I've been trying to use the existing mipmaps, but for some reason, that halves the texture's width, while the height remains the same.
As for the DDS tools, I use the same stuff they use in this tutorial video:

For those who have a similar issue: I found that for me, a setting called "Binary Alpha" (found in the NVIDIA dds Format plugin for PhotoShop, under "Image Options") was causing my issues. With this option selected, my alpha would never work properly. With it deselected, everything works like a charm.

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