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problem creating new tractor version

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Created06.05.2017 11:08

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 06.05.2017 11:16
I've got as tractor mod installed, and in real life there was a similar tractor which had 4-wheel steer, which I would like to implement as well.

With this aim, I copied all the mod files into a new directory, changed the name of the tractor in modDesc.xml and in the storeData part of the tractor's own xml file. I also renamed the tractor's xml file in case it conflicted with the standard one, and changed the storeItem definition in modDesc.xml to match. I haven't, however, changed the names of the other files (i3d etc)

After zipping the files and placing the zip in the live mods directory, when launching the game I an see the 2 versions on the installed mods screen, but when I go into the game, I can't see the new tractor in the mod list so that I can select it to be available. I also tried starting a new career but that made no difference.

What have I missed?

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 09.05.2017 11:41
OK this is driving me nuts. I redid the whole thing, gave the xml and i3d files a distinct name, did some edits to the i3d and xml, placed the exact file set that works fine in the original mod (with the alterations, also altered the version number etc in modDesc.xml) ALL the files into a new, uncompressed zip archive...

and on the "installed mods" it shows up, but when I launch a career the new mod doesn't show in the list to be enabled.

I even checked the xml files against eachother to look for a silly error due to bad typing, etc. but there's no such error: the only changes are the ones I made deliberately, such as altering the rear wheels to make them into steering ones.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 09.05.2017 20:53
When renaming the i3d file, did you also rename the shapes file?

Instead of renaming the i3d file, open and "Save As" to the new name. Shapes file will then have same name as i3d file.

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 10.05.2017 07:50
Pretty sure it does. I'm guessing the game is seeing 2 identical versions, but I don't see why. I'll check the shapes file matches the i3d though.

However, I have fudged the issue with another mod for now :) It doesn't have proper rear swivel hubs but that doesn't show in use.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 10.05.2017 15:23
The shapes file can NOT just be renamed.
The i3d file has internal link that only changes the shapes file that it is linked to when you do the Save As.

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