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Is there a way to insert a non owned vehicle in a map?

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Created12.05.2017 13:21

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 12.05.2017 13:24
In my map, I have potato and beet merchants where potato & beet can be sold. They need conveyors so that the crop can be unloaded into the sheds.

Currently, I have done this by listing the conveyors in the default vehicles. xml, and they then appear correctly outside the sheds. But I really want them to be NOT owned by the player.

Is there a way to place them at the merchants and somehow designate them as not owned by the player, yet still be usable if the player goes to sell his crops there?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.05.2017 13:41

you could set the "propertyState" to 0 (in your careerVehicles.xml)
That should do the trick (without in depth research, so I might be wrong)


Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 21.09.2017 21:31
Thanks Emil,
sorry I only just saw this reply! I never did solve this so I will give this a try,
thanks :)

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 24.09.2017 09:26
Thanks again, this has worked. I can still move the conveyor and use it, but I cannot sell it which is great.
Obviously I can't stop the player from stealing the conveyor and using it somewhere else, but at least it cannot be sold now and I assume the player no longer has to pay the maintenance costs either. :)

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