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using one header on multiple combines

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Created13.05.2017 10:08

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 13.05.2017 10:16
I've got a fine mod of the Midwest 60ft draper, which is a real thing from Australia, and which is excellent for larger fields.

However, as it comes it only works with the Case IH 9230, and I was wondering if, especially for hired jobs and to add variety, if I can get the same mod work with the biggest MF and NH combines as well.

Looking in the mod's xml, I see a line for combinations, which, comparing with other things, it looks like I can put in multiple entries, as "CIH9230, NH CR10.90" for example.

Then in the field job section I see this:

<fieldJob sizeCategory="3" typeCategory="cutter" >
<dependency filename="$data/vehicles/steerable/caseIH/caseIH230Series.xml" />

Now, I thought I could add additional dependency lines for other combines, but that caused the game to be broken - when looking at a field job in-game, by pressing ESC and then R repeatedly, you can change the selected machine, but in this case, after a while it came up with a blank screen and timer set to 00:00 - I assume this was when it had selected the Midwest draper but failed to match to a combine. With just the single dependency shown, it is available in the pool of equipment, along with the other size 3 machines, and works fine.

Can I do this sort of multiple dependency, or is it just one combine per header?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 07:03

it's just one combine per header.


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