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creating a new row crop like POPLAR

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Created13.05.2017 16:05

Lachlan Brown (Unknown) 13.05.2017 16:07
gday all i am currently creating a sugar cane farming mod for fs17 and im looking at creating a fruit of sugar cane that grows in rows exactly like poplar i am currently using poplar and a diffuse replacement to look like sugar cane but it aint just doing it i have a 3d model of sugar cane is there a way to make it as a mod cheers lachlan

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 07:07

you can set up a lot of things in the map.i3d if you open it with a texteditor and adjust the corresponding <FoliageSubLayer name="...." ...
horizontalPositionVariance - randomizes the plant position
blockShapeId - holds the 'mesh id's to be used for the different growth states


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