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Vehicle modding mystery

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Created13.05.2017 17:49

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 13.05.2017 17:59
Picked up a Unimog 1600 pack which has 4 versions in it, although the main difference seems to be colour, and it has 4 separate i3d/xml sets for the 4 variants.

So obviously, I want to make one of them into an off-road rally truck. This means raising the suspension, giving it much more travel, more power, and so on...

Now, you can fake raised suspension in the xml file simply by moving the wheels: make the suspension travel longer and softer springs, set it for 50 initial compression, and you can drive it. However, visually that's poor as the axles remain in the normal place, so I fire up the Giants Editor and adjust the position of the axles, make the springs longer, and so forth, so that it looks more credible.

However, and here's the mystery, well in fact 2 mysteries. Firstly, the i3d (which for this mod is quite detailed, having working suspension etc) doesn't include the drive shafts from the transmission to the axles, yet they are present in-game - and seem to line up with the relocated axle so that's not a big problem, just that I don't see how I would edit the shafts if I wanted to.

the big problem is that although the front axle is nicely relocated to match the new wheel position as defined in the xml, the rear axle stays stubbornly in its original position. It looks fine in the scenegraph in the editor, I even slid it forward alongside the front axle to make sure it was vertically aligned; yet when loaded in the game the rear axle sits annoyingly about 15cm above the middle of the wheel. I can't see any additional i3d or xml file, except for the one which defines the wheels, and that only has wheels, no axles.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 07:12

check the vehicle.xml file. There are probably some references to other i3d files. One of them will hold the shafts.
Either it is done with the default scripts. In this case the mod probably makes use of the "dynamicallyLoadedFiles" or it uses a custom script.

For a detailed support we would need to see the mod.


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