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Created14.05.2017 19:08

Larry Muncy (Unknown) 14.05.2017 19:17
Is it possible to add a tractor loader attachment in the xml file? And after purchase the whole attachment hydraulics, arms and animations would be dynamically loaded. I want to make multiple attachments so it makes more since to dynamically load than visibility.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 07:15

you can do it by using configurations and place everything in the main i3d.
So you would need to work with 'visibility', but that's allright :)


Larry Muncy (Unknown) 15.05.2017 14:12
no its not alright if I have 10 attachments at 50 megs each that makes my whole i3d 600 megs. so I asked dynamically loaded and not visibility
for a reason.

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 15.05.2017 14:35
I think that GIANTS themselves, who I believe wrote the entire engine for this game, do know what they're talking about. But, if you don't like that (for whatever reason), you're obviously free to implement another way of achieving this.
I suggest you check out some other mods that have a lot of configurable options, and see how they do it. Check if that impacts the performance of the game. Also, if your attachments grow too large in file size, maybe you should be looking at optimizing those, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

Finally, purely as a suggestion, you might want to think about being friendly to the people from GIANTS (or anyone for that matter). We all have more important stuff to do than being 'yelled at' on a forum, and all of us are typing this in our free time, trying to help (don't know about the GIANTS employees though).

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 16:36

eventually it would be an idea to define a new type of attacherJoint for your attachments and create the tools as plain implements.
This way the player does not have to drive to the workshop to change the attachments.
The player could just drop the attachments/implements wherever wanted.


Larry Muncy (Unknown) 16.05.2017 01:37
The reason why I was curious about dynamically loading parts explained.

Step1 pick truck
step2 Engine Size
Step3 Frame Length dependent upon sleeper size 36",48" or 60" and body 5th wheel, wrecker, hkl or AR/Frame
Step4 How many axles. again that would depend on the bed u picked
Step5 Dynamic Parts XML files would be loaded for animation and movement and point to i3d's

On the left we have 15 regular mods. If we could load dynamically we only need 6 mods

mod 1 HKL MAN mod1 Dynamically Loaded Addons Sleepers, HKL, AR/Frame, Wrecker & WinchTruck
mod 2 HKL Tatra mod2 Truck Man
mod 3 HKL Barrel mod3 Truck Tatra
mod 4 48"Sleeper Twinstar mod4 Truck Barrel
Mod 5 36"Sleeper KW T800 mod5 Truck Twinstar
mod 6 WinchTruck MAN mod6 Truck KW T800
mod 7 Wrecker Tatra
mod 8 AR/Frame Barrel
mod 9 Wrecker Twinstar
mod10 AR/Frame KW T800
mod11 Truck MAN
mod12 Truck Tatra
mod13 Truck Barrel
mod14 Truck Twinstar
mod15 Truck KW T800

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