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Created15.05.2017 10:57

Austin Shackles (Unknown) 15.05.2017 11:35
What is it with these logs? They all act like ice cubes on an oily surface... partly, I think it's that logs have not enough mass so they scoot off at the slightest touch, but mainly it seems like there's just not enough friction. I haven't messed with bales since FS15, but they used to do the same thing when trying to load onto a trailer, they would slide off again at the slightest provocation.

As for picking up logs though, I've been messin' with a mod (Kirovets 701 loader) and it's associated log fork. A few subtle adjustments to the fork arms means I have some chance of picking up logs off the ground - but it's still not right. Especially, the moving fork arms don't move properly - they are supposed to be pivoted at one end, and when you operate the fork without any load, that's what happens. However, when trying to grab logs with it, the pivots go out of place. This only happens when there are logs present - i.e. the fork arm is moving the log. This results in poor performance. The xml for the moving parts is:

<movingTool index="0>1" playSound="true">
<controls axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL2" invertAxis="true" mouseSpeedFactor="0.5"
iconFilename="$dataS2/menu/moveControls/grab_openClose.png" />
<rotation rotationAxis="1" rotSpeed="70" rotAcceleration="350" rotMax="76" rotMin="-24"/>
<componentJoint index="0" anchorActor=""/>
<dependentPart index="1>0|6"/>

<movingPart index="1>0|0" referencePoint="0>2" referenceFrame="0>2" invertZ="true" isActiveDirty="true" >
<translatingPart index="1>0|0|0"/>
<movingPart index="1>1|0" referencePoint="0>3" referenceFrame="0>3" invertZ="true" isActiveDirty="true" >
<translatingPart index="1>1|0|0"/>
<movingPart index="1>0|6" referencePoint="0>10" referenceFrame="0>10" invertZ="true">
<translatingPart index="1>0|6|0"/>

1>0|0 and 1>1|0 are the 2 complete hydraulic cylinders which operate the arms. 0>2 and 0>3 are transforms located at the fixed end of the cylinders, so should remain stationary; while 1>0|0|0 and 1>1|0|0 are the fixed (cylinder) ends [is this right? I would have thought the moving, piston end should be the translating part?]

The 3rd moving part identifies 3 transforms, which are aligned with one of the cylinders. Ref point 0>10 is at the fixed end, 1>0|6 is also the fixed end, and 1>0|6|0 is the moving end. This part is idenitified as dependent to the whole fork, so I think maybe it's this one which actually moves the thing, and the other 2 are there to make it work visually, but I could be wide of the mark there.

There's also a single transform aligned with the fixed end of the moving arms, which looks like it should define the pivot point which goes out of place. This is index 0>1

Any thoughts? I did look at the standard log fork, but it works in a different way so it wasn't helpful. On this fork, the cylinders are mounted above the moving arms.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2017 16:33

coonsidering the "pivot is out of place" issue.
Not sure what the mod does exactly ;)

But what we do since FS17 is to use joints which have a max. force.
This prevents the objects from going 'out of place'.

e.g. stollToolLogFork.xml
<joint component1="0" component2="1" index="0>1" rotLimit="0 0 0" transLimit="0 0 0" rotLimitSpring="300 0 0" rotLimitDamping="30 0 0" rotLimitForceLimit="10 -1 -1" />

Maybe that helps in adjusting the 'mod fork'

Note: If you only do changes to an xml file of a vehicle you can use the console command "gsReloadVehicle" to reload the currently driven/controlled vehicle and its attached tools to load the changed/updated xml file(s).
That makes setting up values for the joints way easier/faster ;)


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