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Slowing consumption on slurry spreader and slow roll and boil stacking pallets

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Created21.05.2017 08:13

Walt Haefner (Unknown) 21.05.2017 08:13
Hi guys!
the title says it all really... I found a decent slurry tanker mod that I believe is a convert from 15...
the mods "works'... but MAN does it EAT slurry in a HURRY!
I remember doing a similar adjustment while playing 15, but for the life of me, I don't remember HOW and WHAT
I needed to change to slow down use of materials.

one other, if I may... have a good mod of a telehandler (also converted from 15)
works great, EXCEPT when you load ANY kind of pallet, it does that 'slow clockwise rotation' thing...
any way of adding more weight to the unit to slow the rotation? it wouldn't be THAT bad, but trying to
stack pallets of ANYTHING has to be done FAST, or you need to rotate the load before you stack it, and I'm not always THAT fast!

Any help would be VERY much appreciated!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.05.2017 06:57

if you have a look at the Zunhammer18500PE you will find the following entry:
<sprayUsage fillType="liquidManure" litersPerSecond="150" />
I guess you know what to do with it ....

Not sure what you mean with 'clockwise rotation', but you can adjust the weight of any rigid body.
Just have a closer look at the 'attributes tab' -> 'rigid body'
If you change the density the mass will be re adopted to that.


Walt Haefner (Unknown) 23.05.2017 14:13
Thanks for the reply Emil!
what I mean is, say you have a telehandler, and use it to pickup a stack of 2 sugar-beet pallets that have been stacked.
what you will see is the telehandler slowly rotating clockwise, even if the unit is NOT otherwise in motion(this is REALLY apparent if you extend the arm outward a bit). this is a new thing since release of 17, as I don't recall it being an issue with 15.
I've been able to 'somewhat' minimize this motion with a tractor/front-loader, with a counter-weight attached to the back of the tractor, but having purchased a telehandler, I'd prefer to use THAT instead.

and TYVM for reminding me where to look for adjustments!
it was becoming a head scratcher (sucks getting old!) :-)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.05.2017 15:54

hmmmm, maybe I'm missing some default definition of "clockwise" in this case.
But let's stick to the local axis of the vehicle, because that makes it clearer for me :)
Around which axis does it rotate? x? z?
And in which direction? positive or negative rotation speed around that axis?
With this definition I can clearly understand what you mean ;)

Anyhow, I could not find any rotation in my test scenario.
-> Liebherr telehandler with completly extended arm and three seed pallets on the fork.

By the way, when pointing out a bug please make sure that this bug also happens if you don't use any mods at all.
Even not our 4RealModules.
This helps to limit the search for source for the problem.

Where did you get that sugarBeet pallet from? I don't think we have one in the base game ;)



Walt Haefner (Unknown) 24.05.2017 02:52
not sure how to explain, other than this way...
if you're "sitting in" the cab, facing north (heading of 000 degrees)
and pick up a heavy object, the vehicle you are in will start to slowly rotate towards the east(090 degrees)... it's not by a lot, but a few tenths of a degree per second. the heavier the load is in relation to the weight of the vehicle, the faster the rate of rotation. this MAY be a mod issue... not sure... as I said, it seems to be minimized when using a tractor/front loader/rear counter-weight, but some heavier objects will just cause the tractor to do a front wheel-stand.

the beet pallet comes from the Grimme 24-60 listed in the shop with the belt systems. accepts beets or potatoes for processing into pallets (They work GREAT when feeding pigs by hand).

I hadn't really considered this to be a 'true' bug... there is SOME physics involved in this issue, but it seems the game engine exaggerates it a 'bit' ;-)
which is leading me on my quest to fatten up my equipment a bit!
Again, the help is VERY appreciated!

Walt Haefner (Unknown) 24.05.2017 06:24
so, back to the original post, I had corrected the XML for the slurry spreader, and now one unit of the two pack (and the one I edited) is not showing up, and throwing this error
<log snippet>
Register vehicle type: FS17_Tippers_3points_BsM.Goweil
Register vehicle type: FS17_TowBar.puller
Register vehicle type: FS17_Universal445DTC_50k.Universal445DTC
Register vehicle type: FS17_veenhuisW400_pc.VeenhuisW400
Register vehicle type: FSM_FS17StimechFMP500_2k.FMP500
Register vehicle type: Gaz_3302_FS17GO_RU.merc2
Register vehicle type: KockerlingJockey600.jockey600
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/Walt/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Nuhn_Manure_Tank_Pack_fs17/QT10000.xml'.
Error: No storeData found in 'C:/Users/Walt/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Nuhn_Manure_Tank_Pack_fs17/QT10000.xml'. StoreItem will be ignored!
Register vehicle type: Profihopper_2017Edition_FS17.AmazoneMower
Register vehicle type: RollandRP10006CH.RP10006CH
Register vehicle type: SOB_Weight17.sob_weight17
Register vehicle type: StewartPS18_23HV21.PS1823H
### Courseplay: initialized 39/39 files (v5.01.00144)

</log snippet>

I only dropped 1 digit from the "LitresPerSecond" line, and now one unit shows up - the one I changed, is not there now...
there IS a store data segment in the XML...
any suggestions?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.05.2017 06:47

okay, I understand now, what you mean clockwise :)
Can you tell me which tractor you have used? Or does it happen with any tractor?
I'll have alook at it later on this day ...

About your manure tank ...
Could please upload the xml file too pastebin and link the uploaded content to this forum?
That would it much easier to help.
Sometimes/often there's just a typo sitting somewhere ;)


Walt Haefner (Unknown) 25.05.2017 03:50
the tractor that show the issue best is the NH 8340 with a frontloader and pallet fork... with no rear weight, seed pallet on the forks will start the roll to the right.
the Merlo Turbofarmer was the telehandler I also saw rotation with, but the ingame handlers don't seem to exhibit the issue, so, sadly... THAT mod may need to go until either I can fix it for myself, or the author does it....

I THINK I have done what you asked with pastebin, I'm not overly familiar with it, but here it is...

1) moddesc.xml is
3)QT1000.xml (THIS is the 'problem child')

the only thing I did was to drop the litres per second from 100 to 50...
after THAT the sprayer no longer shows in the store, even though the other barrel DOES, and the log show the error I showed above...

(at this rate, you may end up on my Christmas Card list BEFORE thanksgiving Day!) :-)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2017 07:05

the typo is probably in the modDesc.xml ...
<storeItem xmlFilename="QT10000.xml"
respectively, is the file named accordingly? In pastebin it says QT1000 ;)

Please triple check that, because the first error message is:
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/Walt/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Nuhn_Manure_Tank_Pack_fs17/QT10000.xml'.


Walt Haefner (Unknown) 27.05.2017 00:56
in the zip, the QT1000.xml is there
there is also "NuhnQT1000.i3d"
and "NuhnQT1000.i3d.shapes"

odd thing though - if I put an unmodified copy of the zip in the mods folder - everything is OK, and there are no related log errors.
if I edit the QT1000.xml, and change the litrespersecond from 100 to 50...
THEN I get the log error, and the QT1000 disappears from the shop

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.05.2017 07:14
Which text editor are you using? Windows Notepad? That can be dangerous. Win NP tends to wreck files by inserting unwanted newline characters.

Use Notepad++, a free and comfortable text editor. Very suitable for programming.

Walt Haefner (Unknown) 27.05.2017 17:05
Bilbo, I DO use ++, awesome editor for the exact reason you mention
notepad is useless on SO MANY levels....

when I did the edit, (100 - changing it to 50)
I highlighted the 1 and the 0 and just hit the five key on the numpad to make the change, and did a save and close on the xml....

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.05.2017 20:31
That's curious indeed.
The error message "Error: Failed to open xml file ..." often indicates a syntax error.
Are you sure, you didn't change some settings in NP++? Newline Windows (CR LF) ? Characters UTF-8 ?
Perhaps check your edited .xml with a special XML syntax checker.

Walt Haefner (Unknown) 28.05.2017 04:24
"Are you sure, you didn't change some settings in NP++? Newline Windows (CR LF) ? Characters UTF-8 ?
Perhaps check your edited .xml with a special XML syntax checker."

nope, no change to basic settings just went with all defaults, as they work well and need no change...
for the syntax checker, I will have to look around for one, any suggestions?
I have tried going thru syntax with NP, and all 'looks' ok... there was/is ONE closing tag that is on the same line as another, rather than on it's own line, but that shouldn't make any difference, all the open/close pairs are mated up, as far as I can see....

becoming a bit of a head-scratcher...

THIS is the entirety of the change - 100 to 50...
<sprayUsage fillType="liquidManure" litersPerSecond="50"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.05.2017 23:48
Do you edit the file directly in the .zip archive? When editing the .zip I also got sometimes strange errors.
You should have the files unpacked and no zip with same name in the mod folder.
That could also be the reason what Emil already mentioned: your file is called "QT1000" - but the error message says "QT10000".

Walt Haefner (Unknown) 29.05.2017 02:25
oh geez.... NOW I see what you guys were talking about....

ok, let me re-dl a clean copy and look....
the file name IS QT10000 (I think the pastebin typo was my fault, as I wasn't paying enough attention to how many zeros were in the file name)


ok, went and re-downloaded a fresh copy of the mod...
ran the game with an un-molested version, everything went ok.... clean log, etc...

UNZIPPED THE MOD (TY Bilbo for reminding me of THAT!) and edited - rezipped, and THAT TOO now works perfectly, and NO LOG ERRORS (except the one that I think is tied to using the Dev version of Courseplay - that is for another day, and github to help me with!) Life is good again!

Gentlemen, I can NOT thank you both enough for the help!
(now on to the telehandler mass issue... if you hear a LOUD whimper sometime in the next few days, it will likely be ME! LOL)
Thanks again Gentlemen!

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