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forge wagon custom fill speed help

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Created21.05.2017 20:59

Casey Don Lackey (Unknown) 21.05.2017 20:59
so I have changed values of a baler from the game to spit out bales faster..
im having issues getting a forge wagon to load grass faster..
I added <fillScale value="xxx" />
and that didn't work I changed the speed of it
im puzzled looking for the right direction to be pointed in

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.05.2017 07:01

you could increase the
<speedLimit value="25" />
so that you can drive faster.

What value did you use for the fillScale?
Anythinig above 1.0 should make it fill up faster
Ah, the attributes name has changed.
Now it is:
<forageWagon fillScale="X"/>


Casey Don Lackey (Unknown) 23.05.2017 02:13
the speed limit I have set to 120 and it does not fill faster...

the fillscale isn't working at all I have it set to 100... like my baler an my baler loads very fast

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.05.2017 06:35

an increased speedLimit will not have the same effect as the fillScale, but you can drive faster.
So you should be able to collect more straw of grass in the same time.

Anyhow, please double check if you have set the fillScale correctly.
Eventually you have any typos?
In doubt you could show us your rvehicle.xml (please don't post it directly here, instead post it at or any other side and link your post from there to here - thanks)


Casey Don Lackey (Unknown) 24.05.2017 00:44
I have tried different number values and I put it in the same location as what my baler has and it works for the baler
I also tried <forgeWagon fillscale="XXX"/> and tried <fillscale value="xxx"/> --this is whats in my baler an it works fine
but for the wagon it isn't working nothing is no matter what value is added still does the same

here is the pastebin link hoping for a faster reply would like this to get resolved lol

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.05.2017 06:41

you have some misconceptions in your vehicle.xml file.
So, I have two tips for you:
a) there must be only one section per type
b) watch upper and lower case

Thanks for uploading the xml file!


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