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Increasing Ponsse Buffalo Clam Size

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Created26.05.2017 02:20

Kyle Hare (Unknown) 26.05.2017 02:20
Hey guys, I am new to modding just really trying to pick it up bought the giants tutorials and such, just wondering if anyone has ever made the clam bigger on the buffalo. When i try to scale it, i seperate it from the actual model but it comes apart and i cant seem to make it stick together to increase size.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2017 07:13

most models are now 'skin merged'.
What's that you ask?
Well, if a vehicle has a lot of elements that move we merge all elements together into one big piece.
Finally a shader is applied which can animate the single elements. (Binary skinning)

So, "scaling" and "visibility changes" do not work with that technique.
All you can do is to export the model to the .obj format.
Then import that into a 3D modeling program to make your desired adjustments.
And finally, export everything back to i3d.

Please do not forget that a claw does not only have visual elements.
It also has elements that are dedicated to physics - you need to adjust them to.
Keep in mind that any object should not have a scaling other than "1 1 1", especially elements for the physics simulation.


Kyle Hare (Unknown) 28.05.2017 01:16
Hey thanks for the reply that puts me the right direction now. I was just trying to make it bigger in giants editor. One more question if you have the time, adjusting physics is that done via the xml after viewing the colisions in the fs 17 dev?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.05.2017 06:58

yes, but only partially.

You can adjust the center of mass for an object in its xml file.
But the mass itself is best adjusted within a 3D modeling program by changing the density of the physical body.
Note: component childs can also have a mass, but we mostly give them a mass close to 0


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