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Created26.05.2017 07:32

Alex Daoust (Unknown) 26.05.2017 07:32
Hi guys,
I'm making a map, and while "playtesting" my map so far I've realized that the combine windrow (all fruits that have straw) or the grass windrow (when you cut it) would stop falling from the machine, then restart leaving a huge pile (this look like it's simulating the machine getting "blocked/unblock" or if you prefer "packed/unpacked"... And ALWAYS at the same spots.... My question is simple; how do I control where the combine windrow or the grass windrow to make piles... ?
Is it something like the "grass flower are handle ?" I've menage so far to find a lot of answer by myself... but ... can seem to find answer to this thecnical question... Thanks a lot guys, looking forward to the next FS ;-)
here's a picture showing the issue....

Ps: Have a look at "Reaper's Mods" on facebook for Wellspring map WIP pictures ;-)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.05.2017 06:41

the windrows are handled by the "tipAny layer" in FS17.
Generally this layer allows the player to tip anything anywhere.
But, for certain reasons some spots are 'blocked'.

So, if you open your map with the Editor please check the tipAny layer.
First, the TerrainEditing window: Menu -> Window -> Terrain Editing
Next, enable the 'Terrain info layer paint mode' (icon with blue pen in the menu bar)
Finally, you can select the "tipCol' layer in the 'Info Layer Painting' section in the Terrain Editing Window.
If you have done that you will see some white spots or areas on the map.
Exactly these spots block you from onloading to the ground, which is needed for the windrows.

So, you just have to clear these areas ... and probably paint new ones.
After that you need to run a script.
Menu -> Scripts -> Map -> Create Groudn Collision Map

Now, you can start a new savegame and test your changes :)


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