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Put your own sound on a corn platform

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Created28.05.2017 07:06

Luiz Eduardo De Lima (luizdudu) 28.05.2017 07:06
Hello, I would like to know if anyone would help me with this curiosity that I have, several game implements have their own sound, as well as lawn mowers, I would like to know if it is possible to put a proper sound for the corn platform, the only lines that They work here were the type of mod itself, can someone tell if it is possible, and help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.05.2017 06:59

please explain to us what a 'corn platform' is.
Does the base game have any similar machine?
(I need to know that, so I can tell you what sounds are available)


Luiz Eduardo De Lima (luizdudu) 30.05.2017 02:33

Hello friend, I'll send the link of the platform I made, to see what model I mean, here we know how to platform or cut bar

Link: https: //

I wanted to put the sound itself for it, so starting the machine, and completing the sound, would be something very cool for this type of tool

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.05.2017 06:51

a 'cut bar' or 'cutter' has no sound by default.
If you want to add some sound you need a custom script.

But a combine can have sounds.
Just have a look at an xml file of a default vehicle and you will surely find the entries which are used therefore.


Luiz Eduardo De Lima (luizdudu) 30.05.2017 22:10

Thank you friend, I will go behind scripts and some mod that has the sound lines for cut bar, thank you very much

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