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Created30.05.2017 15:11

Johnny Ray Smith (Unknown) 30.05.2017 15:11
When beginning using the Giants Editor is there a way to set the map size, not field sizes but for the entire map? I'm thinking of something like Goldcrest Valley sized. The dimensions for the entire map. I'm assuming I begin by creating a plane that size before beginning placement of roads, objects, fields, etc.

How would I accomplish this task?

Thank you very much

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.05.2017 06:31

it's not possible to adjust the map size by only using the GIANTS Editor.

But there are two options:
a) increase the 'data files' for terrain, foliage, etc.
b) increase unitsPerPixel in the map.i3d (will lower the 'ingame resolution' of terrain, foliage, ...)


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