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Fillvolume get reverse

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Created06.06.2017 22:09

Jon Pheiffer (Unknown) 06.06.2017 22:09
Hi! I have a foragewagon, works great when i fill it up, then i save with the foragewagon full. But when i get in to the game again, the fillvolume is reversed..i have tried a lot of things but i don't figure it out. Anybody knows what to do?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.06.2017 06:37

not sure what you mean with 'reverse' in this case, but the last 'state' of a fillVolume is not saved.
Only the amount/fillLevel is saved.
When loading a savegame this amount is applied to the fillVolume, so it can be that the fillVolume has different 'shape'.
In the case of a loadingWagon it is very likely.


Jon Pheiffer (Unknown) 07.06.2017 09:13
Sorry for my bad english. I mean when i load the wagon with grass, the grass is loaded at the back first. So the grass is highest at the back. If I then save with the trailer full of grass and then go back ingame, the grass is higher at the front of the trailer. Hope you understand what i mean. /Pheiffer

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.06.2017 11:06

hmmm, not sure what has been messed up in that wagon.
Actually it sounds weird that it fills at the back first - if I understand you correctly.

Well, if you have an official and valid link to that mod we might be able to have a look.


Jon Pheiffer (Unknown) 07.06.2017 11:53
It is a JF stoll es3000M so it should load at the back first. Wonder if it is possible to send you a link to the mod somewhere private? Mail or something?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.06.2017 16:23

this forum does not support PMs.

Well, as I said earlier ... when loading a savegame the fillvolume won't have the same form as before (when saving).

You could upload screenshots to show us what happens in more detail, but I guess it can't be changed because of the afore mentioned reason.
You can observe the same behavior on normal/default loading wagons, right? (after loading a savegame the form of the fillvolume is lost)


Jon Pheiffer (Unknown) 07.06.2017 17:15
Ok thanks for the answer.

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