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Which application to use to create fillvolumes

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Created08.06.2017 21:09

Luiz Eduardo De Lima (luizdudu) 08.06.2017 21:09
Hi, I would be grateful to anyone who can help me, I would like to know the best application to do the fillvolumes, I currently model by google scketchup, and la, fillvolumes only work with a maximum of 8 sides, someone could take that doubt and say how many Sides can not be

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.06.2017 07:48

Autodesk Maya is what I would recommend, because our exporter works best with that.
But Blender should work too.

The game creates a "fillVolume" out of your mesh.
But the GIANTS Editor has some scripts to do that too.
So you don't need to start the game to test if your mesh valid for the "fillVolume creation".

If you think of a "cuboid like mesh", you are free to give it as many sides as you want (at least I think so).
But there might be other problems with the form of your mesh.
Just start with a relatively simple form, then test the fillVolume creation in GE and afterwards make that form step by step more complicated.


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