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Placeable mod not showing up in game

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Created12.06.2017 18:46

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 12.06.2017 18:46
I've got a cattle grid that im trying to make placeable, however when i go into game it doesn't show up when i go to place it nor once i have purchased it?

all file locations and paths are correct in the mod desc and xml etc, i3d names are ok, its not showing any errors in the log but will not show up in game?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.06.2017 07:37

what dou mean exactly with 'cattle grid'?
Is this a navigation mesh for animals?

How does it not show up in the game?
Can't you buy it?
Or does it not appear aften being bought?


Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 13.06.2017 09:55
No, a cattle grid is something thats at the edges of fields to stop cows getting out... cattle grid.....

anyway, no its not a navmesh.

i can buy it, the store image shows up etc but it doesn't appear after being bought.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.06.2017 06:47

ah, I see - thanks for the explanation.

hmmm, hard to say what might cause that problem.
It could be a material problem, but in this cause you should also have problems of visibility in the GIANTS Editor.
Or it might be that you use a special placeable type?
Maybe have a look at the "picnicShelter01.xml"

In doubt you could upload your mod, so that somebody can have a look.
But I can't guarantee to find the time checking it ;)


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