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Created18.06.2017 15:43

Michael Lee (05grizzly660) 18.06.2017 15:43
how can i pull the the big bud pack out of my game so i can fix some problam's with it???

Michael Lee (05grizzly660) 18.06.2017 15:48
how can open the dlc big bud pack so i can fix some problems in the pack?#1 is the large planter don't turn very sharp and the big buds don't artichulated in the center please let me know if giants fixes that. thanx

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.06.2017 19:04
LOL - the Giants' DLCs are not meant for public access.
What do you think would happen if they were?
Giants would sell a poor few downloads and the busy mod thiefs would publish the DLC contents on dubious websites.

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