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Created18.06.2017 20:51

Walter Whitling (Unknown) 18.06.2017 20:51
How do I change the language in a modded map. This will in no way be uploaded to any site if done, This is just for my enjoyment as it is a real pain trying to figure out all the German.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.06.2017 21:24
The displayed language depends on the preset which you have done at FS installation.
You can change this only by custom script.

Perhaps you have noticed already:
All modDesc.xml (maps, vehicles, objects) have several sections with language dependent text entries like <en>.. <ge>.. <fr>.. etc.
If YOUR language is not regarded, the default is <en> (english).

Maybe some 'modders' have only one language registered - and this maybe unluckily not the yours. ;)
So simply add the appropriate text entries in the modDesc.xml according to your favorite language.

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