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Created21.06.2017 03:22

The Dodger (Unknown) 21.06.2017 03:22
Anyone know how to set the name for a sell point? If i change it in the .xml file then it gives of an error about "station" not defined

David Erickson (dle0105) 21.06.2017 05:14
Select the IN trigger for your sell point and check the "index" field. For example, one of mine says "MAPLEFIELD_MILL"

Now head to your map01.xml and search for the index you just checked on for your specific sell point.

Should look something like this:

<tipTrigger index="MAPLEFIELD_MILL" stationName="Maplefield Mill" appearsOnPDA="true" isAreaTrigger="true" isSellingPoint="true" triggerWidth="3" litersForFullPriceDrop="300000" fullPriceRecoverHours="24">

You change the stationName to whatever you want it to be.

Also, if you are making changes to an existing mod map, make sure that the map is not pulling it's map01.xml file from the giants directory. Under the IN trigger where you located the index of the sell point you wanted to change, look at the xmlFile field and make sure it's referencing the correct map01.xml that you are editing.

If you change the xmlFile in the i3d to something else, you'll need to do the same in your maps modDesc file under the <maps> section.

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