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Created22.06.2017 16:32

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 22.06.2017 16:32
When do you test mods? i re-uploaded my map 6 days ago, and it's been 'pending' ever since, I was asked to update it and I did, yet you seem to not be interested now??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.06.2017 17:53
Lisertan maintains a thread
where you can see tests in progress.

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 23.06.2017 10:40
That thread is useless...

I uploaded my first map submission 3 weeks ago, took em 6 days to decide to test it, 2 days actual testing, then failed it in a couple things. So I edited the map, re-submitted and that was now 8 days ago.... theyre SHITE

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 23.06.2017 10:41
You're not getting my point, how long will it take to test my map? 3 weeks? 6 months? No doubt they'll just fail it again for something pathetic but they let mods with tons of errors into the contest..... hhhmmmm Giants think you need to stop thinking of your back pockets and start thinking about your players... cause without mods FS would be Nothing!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.06.2017 16:23
You're grizzling like a child.
Do you think, you're the only one who uploads to mod hub?
Testing takes time, much more for a map than for vehicles or objects. And only a few Giants employees have time for tests.

Either be patient .. or upload your map to one of the mod sites which take all without tests - also garbage.

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