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Created25.06.2017 17:32

John Pako (logic321) 25.06.2017 17:32
I have had saplings on pallets not showing, after a while of purchasing them, after i have saved map and returned later., the pallets don't show saplings, even though the progress bar of 20 saplings show, and goes down after planting invisible saplings on edges of field just to get rid of pallet, also they don't show in field after planting from pallets. Please note this only means when they invisible on pallet, as they show normal when not invisible, also no errors in log


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.06.2017 19:31
Try on a standard (Giants) map.
I had this also on a mod map, where saplings in first growth state weren't displayed, however the following states.
There was an error in the <FoliageSubLayer name="poplar" ..
Perhaps compare your map's xml entry with one of a standard map and correct if necessary.

John Pako (logic321) 01.07.2017 18:20
Its all sorted now as if you just use the autoload script UAl, to load saplings on a trailer, then save game then return all saplings are invisible, but if you just load saplings on a trailer, then say unload with Y they still on trailer, then if you use tension belts, and savegame then return all will be fine then, so once you have autoloaded them, make sure you hot Y to unload then just use tension belts

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