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Cat Challenger series- Lights bug

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Created29.06.2017 20:15

Michał Kuciński (Unknown) 29.06.2017 20:15
Hello. I ve noticed a little graphic issue/bug in Cat Challenger series tractors in farming simulator 17. When default, road lights are turned on and I try to turn on front worklights, the first ones are getting darker. Also, when pressing ctrl + F to turn on "long" road lights- there is a sheaf of light on the ground, but tracor's lights- the front, white, and the rear, red ones arent shining. My question is is it just my alone case and is it possible to do something with that, eg. in giants editor?

Larry Horse (Larry) 05.07.2017 00:22
Stop doing that and it will be fine.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 10:33

there is only a limited number of (real) lights. (That number can be adjusted in the main menu - graphics settings)
So, there is no way around that problem - at least if I understood your problem correctly.


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