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How to make that shining metal texture

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Created04.07.2017 19:58

Yasin Eroglu (Unknown) 04.07.2017 19:58
Hello friends, I making my mods in sketchup and converting it from blender, but when ı look the other mods, they have shining metal texture, but my mod is looking like a lego, pls help, I want to learn how to give that shining metal texture to my tractor, etc

Larry Horse (Larry) 05.07.2017 00:08
There different ways of achieving gloss in Giants editor. One way is by manipulating specular values and textures and the other one is by slapping on a cube map. Have at it..

Yasin Eroglu (Unknown) 05.07.2017 12:42
Oh, thank you Larry, I made it with cubemap,thank you again :)

Quarter_ Racc00n (Quarter_Racc00n) 26.09.2020 15:56
Hello !
How to do cubemap ?

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