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Created07.07.2017 15:22

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 07.07.2017 15:22
Hello. I switched to GNU / Linux. I do not want to play on windows!
I'm trying to run this your Farming Simulator 17 in wine, pops up such a window:

Please help, otherwise I will not be able to play FarmingSimuator17 on linux.
Here is a link to the official bugzilla wine, where I write about the problem.
Nobody answered except one!
The winehq project

There in the FS17 theme everything is fine, but there because the NVIDIA graphics card. I have AMD Radeon

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 10:25

as much as I know (information might be outdated though) NVIDIA has better OpenGL drivers for Linux than AMD.
So, Farming Simulator requires a certain amount of supported features in OpenGL.
But as it seems these features are not available when using WINE under Linux and an AMD card.
It might be due to the driver characteristics mentioned above or due to some properties of WINE.


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