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Created09.07.2017 17:28

Bob Beerbower (chaseydog) 09.07.2017 17:28
Is there anyway to determine the seedFruitTypeCategories for the Great Plains YP-2425A from the Big Bud DLC. I'd like to use the seeder to plant oats, rye, millet, spelt and triticale in addition to the crops it already plants. My understanding is that the DLC vehicles are locked down so I don't see adding sowingMachine to the YP-2425A's seedFruitTypeCategories arguments as being an option but it occurred to me that if I added the YP-2425A's seedFruitTypeCategories to the fruitTypeGroup for those crops I'd be achieving the same thing. I'm guessing that using the recursive function to print one of the games tables would provide the information but I don't know what table to print. Then again the function may not be able to access tables for DLC.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 10:14

this sowing machine has a 'hard definition' of seed types:
<seedFruitTypes>wheat barley rape soybean oilseedRadish maize sunflower sugarBeet</seedFruitTypes>

So, you would need to write a custom script in order to adjust the seed types.


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