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Created15.07.2017 07:56

Sascha Christen (Unknown) 15.07.2017 07:56
Hey Guys...

We tried to build up a Farmsilo System with more than one output point and also more than one trigger for the same System... but there is always the issue with that "dublicated saveId" (note : we did the string "saveId" in the user Attributes).

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 25.08.2017 01:54
How far away are the input and outputs? If u look at the transport hubs (train system silos) they have multiple input and output however they are within meters of one another. From what I've seen u can have these input and outputs further apart but I believe u have to extend the storage radius in the map.xml. That can cause some odd things like water or liquid fertilizer to show up in the unloading menus.
First off like I said look at the hubs in goldcrest. That will give u an understanding on how the layout needs to be. Be sure to find the one that has the storage attribute. You wouldn't need separate saveId if the in and out are in the same storage system. From what I remember the main farm silo doesn't have a storage attribute in the tree. The storage node even has the option to charge for storage. You can always choose to remove it or make it free.

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