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Created15.07.2017 22:37

The Dodger (Unknown) 15.07.2017 22:37
Hi all, im in the middle of making a fellerbuncher for fs17 and im having some trouble with getting the cutter head to work correctly. I have it so my machine can attach/detach the stock skidsteer fellerbuncher cutting head, (the CFB-16) everything attaches no problem but i can't turn on the cutter without first switching to it by pressing the "g" key, this makes it very awkward to use, as the main machine, (turntable and boom controls) can't be used at the same time as the cutter.

why is this? is there a way to make it so it can be controlled at the same time as everything else like the stock skidsteer controls?

also one other question... what are the delayed meshes for that are listed in the vehicle .xmls of a lot of the games stock vehicles?

any help would be appreciated

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 09:51

let's first have a look at the delayed meshes and why they have been introduced ...
So, you have nodes in a vehicle represent the physical 'attributes', like wheels, collisions, joints and attachers.
You also have visual nodes.
The problem is that the physics react delayed (compared to the visual nodes) when you set their position via script.
So we have intoduced a delay for visual nodes to make them match to the corresponding physical nodes.

Well, some machine functions can be controlled anytime, others only when the designated tool is selected.

Assuming you are using the WoodHarvester script, we can have a look at that script:
line 283:
-- Check for input
if self:getIsActiveForInput(true) and self:getIsTurnedOn() then

The former function looks like:
function Vehicle:getIsActiveForInput(onlyTrueIfSelected, activeIfIngameMessageShown)

So, it can only be controled, if it is selected.

Currently you could only fix this if you write a custom script.
Or you have to integrate the cutter into the base machine directly.


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