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Adding 3rd train, modify wagon !

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Created16.07.2017 23:28

Noel Sandoz (labricole) 16.07.2017 23:28

I added a 3rd train on a new map. It works very well and runs smoothly. I would like to change the composition of the current cars to replace them with timber wagons.

I modify the file trainsystem03 and once in the game, this one does not change! The problem is that it changes the trainsystem02, while all the paths (i3d included) are just.

Read on a forum to create a new folder "trains", all paths pointed to it but this does not change the composition of train 03.

Do you have a solution to propose to me so that each trains have its own composition of wagons?

Sorry for my bad english which is translated by google translation;)

Thanks in advance for your answers and solutions to my small problem.



J'ai ajouté un 3rd train sur une nouvelle carte. Il fonctionne très bien et parcours son chemin sans problème. Je souhaite modifier la composition des wagons actuel pour remplacer ceux-ci par des wagons transport de bois.

Je modifie le fichier trainsystem03 et une fois dans le jeu, celui-ci ne change pas ! Le problème est qu'il modifie le trainsystem02, alors que tous les chemins (i3d inclus) sont justes.

Lu sur un forum de créer un nouveau dossier "trains", tous les chemins pointes vers lui mais cela ne change rien à la composition du train 03.

Avez-vous une solution à me proposer pour que chaque trains aient sa propre composition de wagons ?

Désolé pour mon mauvais anglais qui est traduit par google traduction ;)

Merci d'avance pour vos réponses et solutions à mon petit problème.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 09:38

please have a look at the default map in teh base game directory.

You'll find the following two .xml files

In these files there is the definition of the trains.

So, you need to copy one of these files into your mod map directory.
(Or take one of the files ini your mod map directory, as there should be the same files already).
Then adjust the content as you want.
Finally you have to adjust the user attributes of the node in the .i3d file, which loads a TrainSystem.
This node has an attribute which points to an .xml file.
Adjust that attribute accordingly and everything should work just fine.


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