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Problem with map on MP

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Created20.07.2017 19:01

Piotr Sobi (Unknown) 20.07.2017 19:01
Hi, I have problem with map Goldcrest Valley Production of authors : scooby/pinguar version: .

Some time ago i found this map and put to the dedi serwer also serwer show up some issues and crash after 2-3 days work on him and aigan im download map and fix them as i can, map don't show up any problem in game.log. When we put map on test in carrer mode evrything (after repair) works fine when we put agian map on dedi and if somebody try to connect on them sometimes synchronization stuck at 28% (this problem show up before i try to fix map) i think when map has been repair this problem and others has been solved. Maybe after 4-8 times somebody connect correctly to the serwer. Now i see in client log error msg:

Error: Failed to create new object with class id 6144 in initial object array

Now i don't know how chceck what is problem in map becouse i don't see in this line what file can be problem or mod is any way to diagnose or test map ?


New savegame don't create this problem only after loot of work done. Maybe this is problem with Pallet's script at greenhouses idk...

Im looking for suggestions... becouse map is the best of all i ever see in farming we need them on serwer as well :]

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2017 09:30

it is really hard to locate the cause for this probelm.
You need to find out which mod causes it.

What would work is:
- start map on dedi without any other mods
- check if the error shows up. If yes, ther's a probelm with the map. If not, continue to ad mods (one at a time) and start the game on dedi again.
- do this until you find the corrupt mod


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