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Cant plow in my new map

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Created27.07.2017 12:08

Rok Galun (grmodding) 27.07.2017 12:08
Hello guys. I need help. I make my new map and i cant plow it in game. I make fields in Giants Editor 7.1.0.
Can anyone help me? Thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.07.2017 12:55

hmmmm, first thing that comes to my mind is the question if you allowed your plow to work on areas outside of a field?
Do you own the field you want to work on?
Does every other tool work on that field?
Does plowing in general work on your map?


Rok Galun (grmodding) 27.07.2017 16:23
Well, i`m not so far to buy field yet. When i attach plow on tractor the on the left bottom icon disapire so i cant allowed plow to work outside of a field and only seeder work on field. :(

Kent Olsson (Unknown) 05.08.2017 00:11
Do you have any fields created in the map?
I had the exact same problem with a map i was working on.CouldnĀ“t even switch to plow as Active. I had no fields at all defined in it and yet and that seemed to confuse the game.
Once I added and defined a field to it it worked again.
Keep on modding

Rok Galun (grmodding) 05.08.2017 07:07
Hey Kent73. Yeah, you are right. I add field and now it worket
Thank you

Pekka Luoma (PexiLuo) 24.09.2017 19:08
Error: index 'PigPitCover' not found in AnimatedObject xml 'C:/Users/Omistaja/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Port_of_Cereal_Valley/maps/animatedObjects.xml'!
Error: Running LUA method 'AnimatedObject.onCreate'.
dataS/scripts/objects/AnimatedObject.lua(280) : attempt to index field 'controls' (a nil value)

My little problem in my mod map: :D

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